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Gluten Free School Days

Sending a child suffering from Celiac’s disease or gluten intolerance off to school can be scary on the part of the parents. Here are some tips to help your child avoid gluten at school.

1. Speak your child’s teachers before school begin

Before the term starts, talk to the teacher. As much as you can, provide information about the condition of your kid. Let the teacher know the consequences in the event your child ingests gluten. Inform them about the hidden dangers of substances like play dough. Give leaflets for them to pass on to other teachers who might be looking after your child.

2. Check if the school is able to accommodate their needs at lunchtime

It’s easier to just send your kids to school with their own gluten-free packed lunch. However, if all the other kids at school eat school meals, your child might feel left out or uncomfortable. Majority of schools these days deal with food intolerances or allergies. Also, you get to give your child responsibility for their diet

4. Give the teacher gluten-free treats for special occasions

When school starts, see to it that your child’s teacher has a stash of long lasting gluten-free treats to provide your child on occasions when the other kids are eating cakes, cookies or other foods that contain gluten.

5. Take in gluten-free treats for the whole class on your child’s birthday

If taking in birthday treats for the class is a tradition there, then your child’s shouldn’t be any different. There is a wide array of choices for candies that don’t contain gluten. You may want to bake a birthday cake using gluten-free flour, but your child’s classmates may not like the unusual taste, leading your child to be embarrassed.

6. Don’t get so upset when people forget to accommodate your child

There will come a time when your child’s teachers, or other moms, forget to provide gluten-free foods for your child. Don’t be so affected. Nobody is willfully trying to feed your child something that would make them ill.

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Diabetes and Gluten-Free Living

Diabetic patients who have a gluten-free lifestyle have observed a remarkable drop in their blood sugar levels (BSL). Adhering to a gluten free diet and having a regular dose of workout will help make your BSL lower, create more energy, plus a healthier outlook in life.

First off, you must be aware about gluten. Gluten is described as the protein found in wheat and other related grains. Such gluten protein may not be digested by people who suffer from this specific illness called Celiac disease.

Medical professionals made this diet program so as to be of help to myriads of people suffering from Celiac disease, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Diabetes, as well as Wheat Allergies. Looking for foods and recipes that don’t have wheat, barley, rye, among others, can be quite a challenge. Oats may not have gluten, but for the most part, they are processed in the factories in which wheat products are processed. Thus, when buying oats, make sure that you look for the gluten-free label.

Gluten can also be found in food additives that are used in stabilizing and thickening foods that are processed. Many alcoholic beverages have gluten, as well. Gluten free diet is a diet that cuts off gluten cold turkey. It is committed to being free of any whole grain and anything produced with grains.

Majority of people on gluten restricted diets know for a fact that gluten free living is no joke. You must be fully committed and religious to it.

For those plagued with diabetes, restriction of the amount of gluten they eat will allow to have better control over diabetes. With this control of the levels in the blood sugar, those individuals will be able to lessen a lot of diabetes medications.

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Dining Out, Gluten-Free Style

If you are plagued with gluten intolerance, eating out can get come as a challenge. Of course, you can’t just eat any bread or pasta, you know that all too well. But when a salad gets in your table, you may start to get confused.

Those Chinese Chicken and Asian Mango mixed salads could be extremely mouth-watering for you, but don’t be fooled. This kind of pre-mixed salads usually have salad dressings that happen to contain binding agents and modified food starch.

For the most part, such dressings contain gluten. That being said, it is best for you to order those that have dressings of lemon or lime juice, olive oil, or the regular wine vinegar and oil when you want to have a salad. You can always rest assured that you’re not eating gluten when you do this.

Steer clear of creamy and sumptuous-looking and smelling pasta dishes. It’s a different story, though, if you are in restaurant that specifically accommodates the gluten-free needs of customers. On the other hand, in regular restaurants, such kind of pasta dishes are laden with gluten. Also, it may have additives that contain gluten.

Moreover, if you want to eat out, you must always keep in mind that all cream soups contain gluten unless stated otherwise. Generally speaking, creamy dishes or those that have thick consistencies have starch or thickening agents. These substances almost always have gluten.

To get rid of any danger when you eat out, always be informed about foods that you must eat and the ones you have to avoid. Instead of zeroing in on foods that you should not eat, concentrate on foods that you can actually feast on.

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Having Fun With The Gluten-Free Diet

Are you looking for great gluten free products? Many people have this thinking that products and foods for celiac disease or gluten intolerance are not that great tasting. Additionally, a lot of individuals think that gluten-free products are very limited, but that’s not the real deal. However, you should remember at all times that some gluten-free meals could be contaminated with the wrong preparation or handling.

If you want authentic gluten-free meals, you may whip up your own from scratch with the use of gluten-free products. You could drop by your favorite grocery store and go to the fresh foods section. By doing do, you can be sure that your gluten-free purchase is really gluten-free. Additionally, you should always stay away from boxed or precooked meals. They almost always have additives and preservatives for them to remain tasty, but they tend to have gluten in them.

Fruits and vegetables must be seen in your grocery basket or cart. Always have some fruits like apples, cherries, blueberries, quinces, blackberries, raspberries, acai, tangerine, grapes, watermelons, guavas, lemons, strawberries, limes, pineapples, mangoes, peaches and oranges, among others. Vegetables are also include, such as green beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, celery, potatoes, cucumber, pepper, corn, onions, and lettuce are not too shabby, either.

Contrary to popular belief, you could have gluten-free foods that are very flavorful. Meat and poultry are included the list of the best gluten free stuff. It may involve goat, chicken, goose, duck, pork, buffalo, lamb, beef, turkey, veal, as well as quail, among others. You could even have dairy like gluten-free butter, plain yogurt, milk and egg.

If you like baking, the best gluten free flours and grains you can put in your cake are taro flour, amaranth, tapioca flours, sago, almond flour, cotton seed, buckwheat, quinoa, cassava, rice flour, bean flour, rice, corn flour, pea flour and millet.

Whoever said that gluten free diet is no good didn’t know where to shop. The best gluten free products are widely available nowadays, so it’s that easy to transform meals that you crave into gluten-free recipes.

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