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Is Gluten-Free For You?

By now, we know a lot of people should steer clear of gluten. A lot of us know what gluten is; it’s a protein abundant in wheat and other related grains. Others are still asking though, gluten is bad, yes, but isn’t protein good for us? Plus, wheat is not considered food, right?

Let’s begin with wheat gluten being a protein. All fruits, vegetables, and animal products have some amount of protein in them. Grain contains gluten, and it gives dough and batter their elasticity, their sponginess, and their good baking properties.

Luckily, most of us do not react extremely when we ingest gluten. As a matter of fact, wheat literally fees most of the world. Without it, there would be massive famine!

But just because someone doesn’t have celiac sprue disease doesn’t mean they don’t have allergic reactions to wheat, which is not very rare. People who have wheat allergies might notice joint pain, difficulty breathing, and itchy or irritated skin. One ideal way to know if you are allergic to wheat is staying away from it and observe how you feel. Gradually reintroduce wheat into your system three days later and observe again. Try isolating the wheat as much as you can through getting rid of eliminating any other foods or including anything new along with the wheat.

So let’s get back to the question earlier. Is protein good for us? Of course. No arguments there. But not every protein. Mad cow disease is literally a protein that just can’t unfold the right way. Gluten is a protein that is typically easily denatured in the stomach and absorbed in the uppermost part of the small intestine. That said, is the protein known as gluten good for a celiac sufferer? NO. Again, no arguments there.


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Posted by Chloe Boggs - October 31, 2013 at 3:33 pm

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Help For the Gluten Intolerant

There are myriads of ingredients found in food items or products that a certain person can have an allergic reaction to. Such allergic reactions could trigger even more disturbing, and even debilitating, symptoms. These symptoms might hinder such person from doing his daily tasks efficiently.

For instance, if a person is allergic to iodine, when he or she gets to ingest shellfish, it could trigger such troubling symptoms.

Some severe symptoms can include a restriction of the airway. It may lead to the death of the person. Yup, as morbid as it may sound, allergies can be that extreme.

Other food products that individuals can be allergic to include peanuts, products that contain peanuts, milk, egg, soy, etc. Another food allergen that may trigger various reactions to some people is gluten. It isn’t really a secret that gluten is found in our staple foods, foods that we eat on a daily basis. Bread, pasta, stuff like that.

Therefore, it is important to know what gluten is and know what food products that gluten can be found in.

Breads are practically the most popular food item that contains gluten, but there is a wide array of food stuff that contain this dreaded gluten. Some of those products that contain gluten can include pizza, various types of pasta, pretzels and beer. Beer may contain gluten because it is a barley based product.

That said, if you’re trying to steer clear of gluten, it goes without saying that you should know what ingredients every food product that you purchase. You must always check the label. It always goes a long way in helping you stay gluten-free.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - October 10, 2013 at 3:29 pm

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Can I Go Gluten-Free Forever?

As children growing up, we were exposed to a wide array of food choices. Among all those food we learned to love and learned to hate, there surfaced our favorites. Then, at some point, you discover that something in those favorites of yours are causing you misery, they made you physically feel terrible after eating them. Sadly, those are the favorites that you love to love. What do you do? Do you cut the cold-turkey?

When it comes to diet, we always come across something that has “Moderation is key” plastered all over it. When you get rid of processed food, you also up the chance of getting rid of gluten. Always see to it that you prepare your own meal, so you know what’s getting into your food. Yes, even with the morning rush, try to squeeze in some time! After all, you don’t want to go back home and spend the entire day with your toilet just because you had a crappy gluten-laden breakfast, do you? You can still have your bread or crackers, given they are made out of grains like amaranth, quinoa, rice or millet.

Whether it be gluten-free or not, organic food, in lieu of processed food, is great news. However, it’s always best if you consult with your doctor first before going for any kind of diet, particularly when you have certain food intolerance that have a very impact on your life.

Gluten stinks and it’s the devil to people who unfortunately have gluten allergies, intolerance, and most particularly those with Celiac disease. If you’re lucky enough to not have such sensitive reactions to certain foods, you can still have gluten. However, I recommend you to steer clear of gluten, even for just a little while, and see the beautiful impact it can make.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - October 1, 2013 at 3:40 pm

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