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What The Heck Is Gluten?

Whether you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you will need to avoid eating gluten to stay well. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. The gluten causes an autoimmune reaction that destroys villi in the small intestines of celiacs.

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Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

You may not be fully aware but gluten intolerance can be pretty grave. If you happen to have experienced its symptoms before, then you might want to think again before having another slice of bread. Truth be told, you can never have another slice of the regular bread. Ever.

Gluten intolerance is an autoimmune disorder that you will be having for the rest of your life. It is the inability of your body to digest a particular protein (gluten) which is found in wheat and other related food products. And it will cause serious forms of malnutrition.

Those evil proteins are detrimental to the villi in your intestinal lining. These villi are like little hairs that catch nutrients from the food you eat as they pass through the intestines. And without these villi, your body will be in a struggle processing all foods, thus, causing an array of forms of malnutrition.

Some of the early symptoms include gas and bloating after intake of anything gluten. Then you can experience constipation or diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, fatigue, and headaches, among many others.

The symptoms vary in each individual, as well as the progress rate of the symptoms. And some people go on without even realizing they have gluten intolerance, mistaking it for some other misunderstood and undiagnosed malnutrition problems.

The most important thing to do when you already know you have gluten intolerance is to totally remove foods with gluten from your diet. Always check the labels for any gluten content and make sure foods that you purchase from the supermarket aren’t processed alongside gluten-containing foods.

Also, you need to take supplements such as vitamin D since this is one of the most common deficiencies in individuals who have gluten intolerance. These supplements will help you digest nutrients better.

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Gluten Free Diet Goes Back to Back With Weight Loss

Coming up with a gluten free diet is deemed difficult especially to people who either have severe allergies to this protein found in rye, wheat and barley or others are just intolerant of it. The intolerance leads to messed up bowel movement, extreme headaches, sudden changes in mood and the most feared of all, weight gain. All the other effects can be fought with rest, meditation and prescribed medicines. However, losing weight is something one must work hard for. By the time you finish reading this article, you will then be equipped with information you can use in order to stick to a gluten free diet and at the same time deal with your weight loss through the help of these five steps for a better shaped you.

One, refrain from allergens. If you are well aware of your allergic reactions then you might as well be oriented with the food products that will cause you the attack. Some of the popular ones are peanuts, soy beans, eggs, dairy products and of course, gluten itself. Stay away from it and see for yourself the benefits it can give you. Two, high intake of protein. Yes, gluten is a kind of protein but you can find several other substitutes out there. Pump up your metabolism by taking in high protein food in your meals. With a faster metabolism, you can also burn excess fat. Three, low carbohydrate diet. Increased carbohydrates in your body will not only make you blow up but it will also contribute to high levels of sugar. Avoid too much sweets and instead opt for gluten free pasta and bread that are widely available in the market. Four, go green. Eat lots of organic food such as fruits and vegetables as long as you make sure there are no preservatives whatsoever. And last but not the least, exercise. You can’t expect to lose all those fats by only focusing on food and sitting on the dining table. You have to move around and release those sweat.

From the title itself, you can already identify two major problems the society is facing right now. It may not be as big of a deal as terrorism and poverty but it still is important. It is concerning health and that should be enough to make us do something.

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Gluten Free Testimonial – Diet Resolves Arthritis

Some people find it hard to believe that gluten can be very destructive. For one to be able to address a serious health condition such as arthritis, inflammation and pain, one needs to stay away from certain foods, including those that contain gluten.

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Choosing Between Gluten-free or Grain-free Diet

A gluten free diet as the name would suggest, excludes foods that contain gluten. Gluten is an amino acid that can be readily found in wheat (which includes kamut and splet), as well as barley, rye and triticale. It is utilized as a food additive that can be added in form of a stabilizing agent often dubbed as dextrin. It is a type of diet that is medically suggested treatment that is the main cure for celiac disease that is often related to dermatitis and wheat allergy. Moreover, a gluten-free diet ultimately excludes oats.

In recent studies, a grain-free diet can be substituted for a gluten-free diet since they contain pretty much the same attributes and properties. People who suffer from illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol in the blood result to cutting of gluten from their diet and it still may not be enough. Truth be told, lots of chronic digestive ailments can be directly linked weight loss inhibition and can be readily cured by simply cutting out the source of said problem.

People who have been fighting a seemingly losing battle against maintaining a healthy weight range are recommended by health experts to cut grains from their daily diet. The over consumption of grains and sugar is one of the major reasons why obesity and other chronic digestive diseases are developed. If you seem to find your body being lethargic or you exceed the expected weight for your age and height as well as experiencing that your muscles are covered in seemingly thick layers of fats compared to the expected trait of being lean and strong, then you should try to get rid of these ingredients in your daily diet:

  • All gluten rich products such as free grains, bread pasta, and noodles
  • Leguminous family (beans, kidney beans, snow peas)
  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Sugar

Whether you choose to go for gluten-free or grain-free diet, there should be a focus and commitment in reminding yourself to remain healthy in order to avoid health-threatening diseases. You might be very surprised that these sacrifices will go a long way in maintaining your overall good health.

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Celiac Disease Symptoms

You feel a little odd lately. You think that there is something that sets you off your usual pace. You decide to visit the doctor just to see what’s up. There you are examined along with a holistic assessment of your entire being. Minutes later, you come out of the doctors room with a newly diagnosed condition called Celiac Disease. You feel like you have just been bombarded with lots of things. You are dumbfounded about what to do and where to start. So here are some basic tips in order to survive a life where you have to live with Celiac Disease.

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Preventing Further Damages of Gluten

As advances in medicine progress and get more intricate, people these days get to know a lot more about certain food allergies. Lactose intolerance and seafood allergies are among the most common ones but health experts nowadays are able to identify some people’s problems with ingesting substances like iodine and food dyes, among many other allergy-inducing compounds. Furthermore, gluten intolerance or celiac disease has been making a major buzz these days. Read on and be enlightened.

Gluten is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species such as rye and barley. When people intolerant of gluten or those sensitive to it consumes any food that contains gluten, it brings about damage to the intestines. The reason behind this is the immune response created by the villi in the small intestines.

Sooner or later, if a gluten intolerant individual keeps on consuming gluten-containing food, it will smash up these intestinal villi until they lose the ability to properly absorb nutrients from the food that one eats.

Actually, this condition is not merely an allergy but a disease that is of genetic roots. That said, if you know that someone in your family or a relative perhaps, they should have themselves screened or tested to avoid further damages to their digestive tract. Unfortunately, you are also prone to having this condition since, like I said, it’s genetic.

If you let this condition go one without doing something to somehow bring it to an end, you are on the road to developing other serious health problems such as osteoporosis, anemia, neurological issues, gallbladder and pancreatic malfunctions, and so much more.

Prevention is better than cure. Go see your doctor as soon as possible.

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Gluten-Free Heaven

Food is a God given gift to humanity. It is not only a basic need for survival but it is also a delightful treat for everybody. I believe no one is sad whenever they are eating. Do you agree? That is just not possible. The gastronomic experience is one of the best things in life. Shoveling delicious meals into your mouth will most definitely satisfy your rumbling stomach.

An example to that are the gluten allergic people. Their usual diet must not contain wheat, barley, oats, rye and malt. They are also deemed off limits to a number of pasta sauces and a few kinds of beans. The ones diagnosed with gluten allergy or celiac diseases are seriously going through a rough time searching for the right food that they could actually eat. Shopping markets and restaurants do not readily offer gluten free food stuff.

However, here comes great news. Gluten-free shops are here for the rescue. It is a company that produces a line of frozen food that can serve as replacement for the vegetarian and gluten allergic folks. Aside from doing away with gluten allergens, being a vegetarian also takes a lot of guts. I mean, taking for granted the temptations of meat and sticking to your green leafy vegetables. That is a trait worth bragging for. We are also well aware of how beneficial it is for the body to be supplied with vitamin – rich and preservative free veggies. For instance, eating organic fruits and fresh vegetable salad will do good not just to the body but as well as to the environment. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. It will also help in achieving the perfect body one desires for. With a lifestyle that involves the consumption of healthy and raw regimen, there is no room for allergic reactions.

As much as we would like to ponder on the good things brought about by food, there is a sad story at the other end of the line. Those people who have developed allergic reactions whenever they eat something that is against what their bodies can tolerate. Yes, to not be able to enjoy anything and everything you want is such a tragic torture. Which is why finding these kinds of specialty shops is like stumbling on a pot of gold.

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