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How To Make the Best Ever Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Pizza is described as an oven-baked flat bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and many different toppings. The modern pizza was first made in Naples, Italy, and the dish has since become famous across the globe. Gluten-intolerant? You need not give up your love of pizza forever! Here’s a recipe.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - July 29, 2014 at 12:08 pm

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Pedestrian Question – What is Gluten?

Knowledge about gluten intolerance has been spreading around for the last few years. Most of the information that we hear about is often anecdotal or clinical. In this site, we try to put things in simpler language and still be informative. But when random people in the streets are approached and asked about gluten, what do you think they have to say about gluten? Watch this.

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Going Gluten-Free and Losing Weight

It can be a chore to pick only the foods that will be beneficial for your health, especially when you are a self-proclaimed foodie. More often than not, the best-tasting foods are also the unhealthiest ones. However, there are a lot of food items available today that don’t only look pleasant, but taste pleasant as well.

Some people get the notion that pricier foods are healthier ones, but that’s not necessarily true. If you are looking to shed some unwanted pounds, you have to be all the more vigilant when it comes to your choice of food. A proper diet can take you many miles in terms of weight loss.

Eating the right food along with a healthy and active lifestyle have always been effective in losing weight when you stick to them for the long haul. Gluten-free diet can actually be one of your best bets.

Gluten-free diet is mainly adhered to by people who are diagnosed with Celiac disease. It helps them by means of controlling the symptoms and preventing any complications from arising as well. But truth be told, with this kind of diet, people who aim to lose weight can also benefit.

Nevertheless, going gluten-free requires some effort, particularly when buying your food. You have to take extra time to read every label of every food item and see if it contains any gluten. This practice is not exclusive with food products, but any product that comes in contact with your mouth such as lipstick, toothpaste, and the supplements or medicines that you are taking as they might have gluten content.

The things mentioned in this article are just some of the very basic factors to take into consideration when you plan on going gluten-free. But such things are very essential in your first few steps toward a gluten-free, healthy, and slim life!

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Gluten Sensitivity Vs. Celiac Disease Vs. Gluten Intolerance

We use “gluten intolerance” when we talk about the entire category of gluten issues: celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy.

Celiac disease refers to an inherited autoimmune disorder that can affect the digestive process of the small intestine.

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity or what a lot of people dub as gluten intolerance causes the body to mount a stress response (usually GI symptoms) different from the immunological response that happens in people who have celiac disease (which usually causes intestinal tissue damage).

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