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A Guide In Baking Gluten-Free

These kinds of mixes are handy as well as simple to use and the results are typically delectable. But the drawback to some of those baking mixes is that they are not as healthy as they could possibly be. They might not come with enriched products like regular baking mixes and flours. They might be also short on fiber and have a great deal of excess fat. I will help you make healthier baked goods with the following tips.

1. Decrease the total amount of baking mix in the recipe and incorporate a whole grain flours such as Sweet Brown Rice, Amaranth, Roasted Soy, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Oat, Quinoa, Sorghum, or Teff.

2. The suggested day-to-day fiber intake for women is 25 grams and 30 grams for men. Numerous people do not fulfill this particular necessity every single day. One way of incorporating more fiber in your diet is by putting dietary fiber to your baking mixes. Incorporate ground flaxseed, sunflower seeds, Chia seeds,or nuts.

3. A large amount of baking recipes, both gluten free or regular, require you to add too much butter or oil which boosts the fat in your diet. You can carefully decrease the butter or oil used by half but you might have to try things out to obtain the taste and texture of your baked goods that’s right for you. You could also substitute butter or oil with fat free plain yogurt, or mashed bananas, among many other options.

4. Decrease the quantity of sugar by up to half. For instance any time a cup of sugar is needed, make use of merely a half cup. If you wish to utilize a sugar substitute, stick to the directions specified on the packaging. You could furthermore lessen the quantity of other sugary ingredients such as chocolate chips and you could create smaller portion sizes.

5. When the recipe requires eggs you could perhaps make use of egg substitute to decrease cholesterol or use much less yolks and more whites. Whip egg whites and fold in to the rest of the batter to get much lighter baked goods. You may also use the recipe below to replace one egg. Increase amount as per needed.

Flax Egg

1 Tbsp Flaxseed Meal

3 Tbsp Water


Mix flaxseed meal and water and let sit for around 5 minutes. Include this particular ingredient to your recipe as you would the eggs.

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The Gluten Free Bistro’s Cross Contamination Prevention

You might not half-step about the kettle that you’re using to boil water, the plate that you use to put your food on or even the cupboard you stock your grocery items in, but for people with celiac disease, these every day considerations could actually be a virtual mine field.

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Gluten Intolerant and Eating Out

Gluten Intolerant and Eating Out

When you were just recently diagnosed of Gluten intolerance or the like, it may be quite frightening and confusing for you to eat out. Of course, you would know the obvious foods to stay away from. You wouldn’t eat regular breads or pasta. But then a salad comes into the picture, so you start questioning.

Those Chinese Chicken and Asian Mango mixed salads may look really heavenly and delightful. But you don’t want to be going just for the looks. These pre-mixed salads are usually made with salad dressings that have binding agents and modified food starch. These dressings are generally gluten-containing, which is why when having a salad, it is suggested that you order those that have dressings of lemon or lime juice, olive oil, or the regular wine vinegar and oil so you’re always on the safe side.

And those creamy and scrumptious-looking and smelling pasta? Must. Resist. Them! Not unless you’re in a restaurant that specially caters to the needs of those that have gluten intolerance. But if you’re just in a regular resto, then you better stay away from pasta dished as they are usually loaded with gluten. Also, the sauce can have ingredients that contain gluten such as additives.

Additionally, when dining out, always keep in mind that all cream soups contain gluten, unless stated otherwise. Because foods that are creamy or have thick consistencies almost always contain starch or thickening agents that have gluten.

To avoid any danger when dining out, always educate yourself beforehand. Don’t just zero in on food that you can’t eat, instead, focus on foods you can actually eat and enjoy.

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10 Reasons To Stop Eating Wheat

Is wheat good for you? Here’s a backstory for you: The modern version of wheat is a far cry from the ancient plant. As a matter fact, the newer, high-yield wheat we’ve been consuming since the 1980s is full of genetic alterations that appear to inflame our bodies, make our guts to leak, and trigger autoimmune diseases. Watch this video.

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