A friend with celiac disease is coming over for football. What are some good munchies to serve?

Question by Larry W: A friend with celiac disease is coming over for football. What are some good munchies to serve?
He has celiac disease (no gluten diet). What are some good game time foods to serve?

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Answer by Nancy

First of all, it’s really nice of you to think of your friend’s food needs. It’s usually the social aspect of the disease that gives us the most problems.

Mission tortilla chips are actually labeled gluten-free, which is nice.

Also an unopened container of salsa (so he knows there has been no cross-contamination).

Lays Stax regular chips are GF. Not sure about all the flavors.

Cool Ranch Doritos (as mentioned before) are GF. Regular Nacho are not GF. Frito Lay has a policy of clearly labeling any gluten, so if wheat, rye, barley, malt or oats are not clearly labeled on the ingredients, the product is safe.

Kraft also has a clear labeling policy, so if your friend likes veggies and ranch, check the labels of the Kraft Ranch. I believe it’s GF.

The biggest issue with eating gluten-free is what we call cross-contamination. Basically, the most microscopic amount of gluten will cause a reaction. If you touch a sandwich and reach into a bag of chips and grab a handful, it’s no longer safe for a person with celiac disease. It sounds bizarre, but it will make us sick for days, sometimes weeks.

I would suggest presenting him with a selection of unopened products and some bowls (not wooden or plastic). Tell him to take what he wants, he can have his own personal bowls of stuff, and then the rest of you can eat the rest.

On behalf of your friend, because men don’t say stuff like this — Thank you so much for caring about your friend’s health needs. It can be a long and painful road to a diagnosis. So I’m sure your friendship and caring means a lot to him.

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