Adding frozen berries to gluten-free cupcake mix?

May Asked: Adding frozen berries to gluten-free cupcake mix?

My boyfriend has Celiac’s disease, and I am making him cupcakes for our trip in the morning. But they are pretty boring without adding anything else in, and all I have to add right now are frozen mixed berries. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup water and 1/2 canola oil for liquids, plus 3 large eggs per 3 cups of the mix. How much should I cut back on the water, and how many berries to add? I am not the greatest baker, I pretty much have to follow the recipe or I make a mess!

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


Charly Answered:
If you defrost them in the microwave quickly you should reduce the amount of water (from ice) they release when being cooked. The amount of water they release beyond that would depend on what kind of berries they are, so it would be difficult to know how much to reduce the water by.

Have you considered using berries as a topping instead with some buttercream icing? That should minimise the risk of soggy cupcakes.

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