Any good gluten free foods?

rachel story Asked: Any good gluten free foods?

alright so i have celiac disease and i was wondering, has anyone found any good gluten free foods like hamburger buns and bread? thank you and share anything else i cant have gluten or oats and gluten is wheat rye barley and malt


Pat Answered:
Chex cereal

mmevelynn Answered:
yes! i started gluten free in third grade! my dad, my brother, and i all have celiac! do you have a Whole Foods close by? there is a bread brand called Udis that is amazing! also Betty crocker has a few GF cake mixes! in most Krogers there is a small gluten free section. also you can make anything you usually make using potato flour which we all find tastes better than rice or corn flour! and beware of “wheat free” labels, they sometimes contain oats! if you like pastas and lasagnas then there is a blue rectangular box with a gold circle with writing and i cant remember the brand i’m sorry, but any who they are better than NGF pastas! i seriously recommend anything at a whole foods! it is all great! they have good bagged ginger snaps and crackers and even oreos! i really hope this helped! its been a six year struggle but all of this made it possible!

angelaplaxton Answered:That’s a great question! If i go to any regular major grocery market they don’t have gluten free variety of bakery products, expect cookies and crackers. The local grocery store though, does have bakery things, tarts, buns, bread, ect…
I ran into this problem too, i just use gluten free bread and i’m a happy camper!

louise y Answered:
here is a recipe of a gluten free diet (gluten free granola bars)

There are indeed some good substitutes for the gluten free flours and it much depends on each persons choice as well as what you need to cook. For instance, rice is gluten free and its flour can be used especially in the making of shortbread cookies. But mind you that the rice flour could make the cookies more brittle and leave a gritty aftertaste. There is this small tip to prevent this; to mix the rice with arrowroot or quinoa or such components, which can significantly make that difference and make cookies tastier and eatable. In fact, to replace a standard cup by measure of the gluten wheat flour, you might want to try any of these:

Half a cup measure of barley flour
A cup of corn flour (and remember that cornmeal cannot be considered as corn flour)
Three-quarters cup of coarsely ground cornmeal
A cup of finely ground cornmeal
Three-quarters cup of rice flour
One and a quarter cup of rye flour
A cup of rye meal
One and one-third cup rolled oats (ground and rolled)
5/8 cups potato flour

for more info:

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