Are acne and gluten intolerance related?

Question by Johnny K: Are acne and gluten intolerance related?
I take pretty good care of my face by washing it, not touching it, and stuff. But I still have acne. I have tried stuff like putting lemon and toothpaste on it, but its stubborn. I’m pretty frustrated. But then I heard somewhere that gluten intolerance and acne are related. I have the celiac gene and gluten intolerance, but I still eat wheat. Would me stop eating wheat help my acne go away?

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Answer by Antonio
Yes the two things are related. Your skin is an organ its job is to detoxify your body, and protect your insides, and it has plenty of jobs but a large part of it is to detoxify.

When you load your body with toxins your skin releases them, and you get zits, oily poors theory of acne isnt true, you need a healthy diet.

Also avoid all dairy products, unles of course you get raw organic milk froma farm.

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