Are Quaker rice cakes (Gluten Free) actually bad for diet?

dvd Asked: Are Quaker rice cakes (Gluten Free) actually bad for diet?

I’m looking at the bag and it says

Total Carbohydrate 7g
Sodium 15mg
Total fat 0g etc
Calories 35
I don’t see any sugars…

It’s not a good source of protein I know but how do these make you fat!? And it’s not like I’m gonna eat it every day. Can I not substitute this for bread sometimes (if i were to put some peanut butter on it? yes that tastes good to me :P), though i know whole wheat/grain is healthier. These have less carbs than most of the things I eat .


Your Uncle Dodge Answered:
You have to burn the carbs you take in, or they turn into fat. Overdoing carbs is the fastest way to building your middle. 

Rice cakes aren’t as bad as candy bars, white bread or sugary drinks, but they do only bring carbs to the table.

Neil Answered:
I see nothing wrong with them, two things to consider. 

1. EAT GLUTEN! It is an important protein and unless your Celiac and can NOT process it, you NEED to eat it. Well ok you do not NEED to, but here is a small tid-bit..not eating Gluten in general, but not always will = more calories. Calories = weight gain. Figure out your BMR add your activity, subtract 500 from that number = calories per day, from morning until bed. Gluten free is expensive and it adds more calories. Carbs are good, you eat carb heavy? Go for a walk, or a bike ride, or take the stairs instead. Gluten free doesnt = healthy!

2. Rice cakes are a great snack, a better snack is just steamed brown rice. A Rice cooker is 20 bucks at walmart, a bag of brown rice is 88 cents! You can make 100 calories of brown rice, which will be “less carbs” MORE fiber, MORE protein and fill you up faster then the 5 rice cakes you would have to eat.

Hey, i’m a busy guy too, but a tupperware of rice, apple or three in your bag are great sources of fiber (you NEED this in your diet, we never can get enough fiber!) low calorie (you know the thing that makes us get fat..sigh) and with a little hot sauce ( please please please for the rice NOT the apples :p ) a faster metabolism, thats right ladies, adding cayenne pepper will not win you any sexy kissing breath awards but it will sweat out a few more calories per hours.

Short Answer: Bread is good, eat Bread, 40 calorie a slice bread at Cub foods, go go!

ChemoAngel Answered:
No, they do NOT Make you fat. They are a good addition to a diet. Yes, you can substitute it for Bread.
There is nothing wrong with them, I used to eat them all the time on Weight Watchers, and STILL Lost 20 pounds! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with them.

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