Are these ingredients in my cakes gluten free?

Question by Sparklebutt: Are these ingredients in my cakes gluten free?
I’m using the following ingrediants in some cakes for mothers day, I just wanted to know if they are gluten free or if I can substitute them for something else

Self Raising Flower
Caster Sugar

Thank you (:
*Flour, sorry. I always do that.
+ Thank you for the cake recipe but this is an apple tea cake, not a yellow one..Actually, I’ve never heard of a yellow cake…

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Answer by Roger W
Regular all purpose flour is full of gluten. The rest of the ingredients are ok. Try substituting with a Gluten free flour such as Knicknick, or Bob’s Red Mill brands. We get it at Walmart or health food stores, but be prepared to pay a lot for it. You can cook anything you want just by substituting flours in the regular recipes and making sure the other stuff does not contain gluten.

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