Are You frustrated with Gluten Free?

“The Gluten Free Consumer,” Is Full of Reviews and Coupons. The Gluten Free Consumer is a 16 page magazine that is chopped full of reviews and coupons. It is published here locally in Salt Lake City. It is a great resource for anyone living a gluten free diet. There is over 75 dollars of coupons in the magazine. The August 2011 edition is being printed currently. The idea of the magazine came when the owner of Allergy Menu Specialists, Chaton Fife, had a problem. She is a Celiac. She wanted to try new foods and products. However, the cost of gluten free products made her leery. If she spent money on a item what happens if She does not like it. This would have cost her to waste money. She went and looked around for a review magazine but didn’t find one. Sure she can spend countless hours reading the reviews off blogs but who has that type of time. So “The Gluten Free Consumer” was formed. Allergy Menu Specialists is giving free issues of their August 2011 edition.

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