Blood work results… scared. Celiac Disease?

Question by Ocean: Blood work results… scared. Celiac Disease?
I am kind of worrying. What does it mean when my deamidated gliadin Abs (celiac disease) IgG is high, my platelets are high, Eos is high, Eos (absolute), my triglycerides are high, HDL cholesterol is low and VLDL cholesterol Cal is high. Help what does this all mean?

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Answer by Anama
Elevated IgG is associated with celiac disease (meaning, you may be positive for celiac)
high platelet count could be due to any number of things such as anemia, you probably got this as part of a CBC, Anemia is common in people with uncontrolled celiac disease.
Eos- go here:…

the rest you can find here:

Your doctor should have explained the results to you and what needs to be done (or not).
If not, please give your doctor’s office a call in the morning and let them know you have questions about your lab test results. And don’t be worried or scared, there is nothing to be afraid of here.

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