Can I Go Gluten-Free Forever?

As children growing up, we were exposed to a wide array of food choices. Among all those food we learned to love and learned to hate, there surfaced our favorites. Then, at some point, you discover that something in those favorites of yours are causing you misery, they made you physically feel terrible after eating them. Sadly, those are the favorites that you love to love. What do you do? Do you cut the cold-turkey?

When it comes to diet, we always come across something that has “Moderation is key” plastered all over it. When you get rid of processed food, you also up the chance of getting rid of gluten. Always see to it that you prepare your own meal, so you know what’s getting into your food. Yes, even with the morning rush, try to squeeze in some time! After all, you don’t want to go back home and spend the entire day with your toilet just because you had a crappy gluten-laden breakfast, do you? You can still have your bread or crackers, given they are made out of grains like amaranth, quinoa, rice or millet.

Whether it be gluten-free or not, organic food, in lieu of processed food, is great news. However, it’s always best if you consult with your doctor first before going for any kind of diet, particularly when you have certain food intolerance that have a very impact on your life.

Gluten stinks and it’s the devil to people who unfortunately have gluten allergies, intolerance, and most particularly those with Celiac disease. If you’re lucky enough to not have such sensitive reactions to certain foods, you can still have gluten. However, I recommend you to steer clear of gluten, even for just a little while, and see the beautiful impact it can make.

Gluten Free Handbook