can you be allergic to pasta and not bread?

Question by Karnuna: can you be allergic to pasta and not bread?
Ive been getting sick to my stomach every time I eat pasta lately. I’m assuming I have some sort of allergy. I know about celiac disease and wheat allergies but I have no problem with bread or other wheat/ gluten products….is there something different in pasta that could be making me sick (and Ive tried diff pasta companies and they all have the same effect) should I go to an allergist or general practitioner?

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Answer by pelican
If you can eat bread without any problem I don’t think you have celiac disease, though it might be possible. Pasta also has eggs, oils and flavorings that bread might not have. Try one of the pastas that are gluten free and see how you do with that. You will find them in most large grocery stores, often in the organic foods section.

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