Celiac Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Article by James S Pendergraft

Celiac disease is caused by the small intestine in which the inner cells of the small intestine reacts immunologicaly with a type of protein. As a result inflammation is caused to the inner cells and they are destroyed. Due to the destruction of inner cells the absorption of vital nutrients is affected which in turn causes deficiency of nutrients in the body.

There are some common symptoms for celiac disease such as weight loss, anemia, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, high fat content in stool, infertility, fluid retention, muscle weakness, etc. the reaction in the inner cells of the small intestine is caused by a protein called as gluten. So in most of the cases of celiac disease, the condition of the patient can improve through a gluten-free diet. But still a small amount of patients will be having the persisting symptoms. An Ayurvedic form of treatment is available for celiac disease in which the inner cells are repaired to bring them back to normalcy so that the absorption process is brought back to normal rate.

If the inner cells are even partially replenished, the absorption of vital nutrients including minerals and vitamins improve and most of the symptoms of can be cured. The first thing to do once a patient is diagnosed of celiac disease is to provide him with necessary mineral and vitamin supplements on a regular basis, otherwise the essential processes in the body may stopped and it can prove fatal. The patients who have celiac disease should not take in food materials containing gluten further. This can have adverse effects on the medications done on him. So it is advisable to take food substances only under the prescription of an expert dietitian. The celiac disease is somewhat a common one. The problem with celiac disease is that it is difficult to get diagnosed.

The treatment for this pathology is quiet simple as the experts say. Usually a visible change in the daily diet can cure this disease. But the fact is that to try curing it yourself can be a risky affair. So its better to consult a physician as soon as possible if you think you have celiac disease. The proper diagnosis by a registered medical practitioner as well as an expert dietitian is absolutely necessary. Make changes to your diet only under the advice of a dietitian.

It is easier to confuse the symptoms of celiac disease with that of other diseases, so most of the people may be carrying with them the celiac disease before reaching a doctor. This could make the situation more severe. Therefore if you have a doubt of celiac disease, or having any symptoms of celiac disease, you should immediately approach a doctor. The symptoms may disappear by a simple change in the diet. But the celiac disease won’t be. So don’t stop the medication even though the symptoms are no more visible. You have to continue the prescribed medication until the doctor is fully satisfied that the disease has been cured.

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