Celiac disease, what is it? What do i do when I have it?

Question by starborn: Celiac disease, what is it? What do i do when I have it?
I need recipies and much more info on celiac disease (gluten free)! my mom has it. She is gluten and and milk lactollerant, but she still is very sick. She has gone to many Dr. but they cant help her! Any info could save her life! Plaese help!
She gets weak and tired. She gets cramps, she also has leg pains. My mom gets dizzy and lightheaded as well. Dr. dont know what it is, thay say she has celiac disease. Does she? I need recipies and alll the info I can get!

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Answer by aries1
My eleven year old daughter is going in for a biopsy to see if she too has Celiac. It is an autoimmune disorder and is entirely manageable. Diet is the key. Try www.celiac.org and glutensolutions.com. From what I have been told there are support groups out there for people with Celiac. There are some specialty food stores (natural food stores) that carry gluten free foods. You will have to read your product labels and find out from the Celiac site which ingredients to avoid. Hope everything works out for you and your mom.

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