Celiac Disease : What to eat and what not to eat?

Admittedly, it is such a burden for a person to be watchful of anything and everything they eat while others can just shove into their mouths whatever it is they can get their hands on in a heartbeat. You can say that situation shows how unfair life is. News flash, life really rolls that way.

However, this is obviously not applicable to everybody. Lucky those who are free of this dilemma. But there is a noticeable part of the population who are diagnosed with a medical condition called Celiac Disease. For the ones encountering this term for the very first time, let me give you a brief introduction.

Celiac Disease is an abnormal condition affecting specifically the digestive system of the body wherein it does not possess the ability to properly absorb and process a protein called gluten. Gluten on the other hand is found in most foodstuff that are wheat based or that belongs to a line of grain products. Once taken in by a person sensitive to gluten, it can cause substantial damage to the intestinal lining thus causing a few other allergic reactions that are definitely not comfortable for a person.

Food that contain gluten are as follows: bread, rye, pudding, pretzels, cakes, pies, biscuits, cookies, breadcrumbs, barley and malt. Products containing flour or wheat as an ingredient or a filler should also be refrained from such as sausages, blue cheese, gravy powder, stock cubes, baked beans, sauces, mustard, instant coffee, curry powder. Even other products such as toothpastes, lipsticks and some medicines may contain gluten.

But lighten up. There is also a long list of gluten free food products that can still be enjoyed. Stuff like pancakes, macaroni, spaghetti, crumble toppings, pizza and cereals naturally contain gluten but have preparations available in the market wherein gluten is taken out of the equation. Generally, vegetables and fruits are safe to eat. Poultry and meat products are also deemed fine. Drinks that are gluten free include champagne, wine, fresh coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice and sodas.

There is still no effective cure for Celiac Disease. But it is believed that the most reliable way to treat this condition is to modify the persons diet. With that said, there are food that should be eaten and others that should be avoided. Stick to the list and you will never go wrong.

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