Dining Out, Gluten-Free Style

If you are plagued with gluten intolerance, eating out can get come as a challenge. Of course, you can’t just eat any bread or pasta, you know that all too well. But when a salad gets in your table, you may start to get confused.

Those Chinese Chicken and Asian Mango mixed salads could be extremely mouth-watering for you, but don’t be fooled. This kind of pre-mixed salads usually have salad dressings that happen to contain binding agents and modified food starch.

For the most part, such dressings contain gluten. That being said, it is best for you to order those that have dressings of lemon or lime juice, olive oil, or the regular wine vinegar and oil when you want to have a salad. You can always rest assured that you’re not eating gluten when you do this.

Steer clear of creamy and sumptuous-looking and smelling pasta dishes. It’s a different story, though, if you are in restaurant that specifically accommodates the gluten-free needs of customers. On the other hand, in regular restaurants, such kind of pasta dishes are laden with gluten. Also, it may have additives that contain gluten.

Moreover, if you want to eat out, you must always keep in mind that all cream soups contain gluten unless stated otherwise. Generally speaking, creamy dishes or those that have thick consistencies have starch or thickening agents. These substances almost always have gluten.

To get rid of any danger when you eat out, always be informed about foods that you must eat and the ones you have to avoid. Instead of zeroing in on foods that you should not eat, concentrate on foods that you can actually feast on.

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