Does Soy Lecithin Contain Gluten?

Suzie Asked: Does Soy Lecithin Contain Gluten?

I’ve been dating a guy for quite some time who has Celiac Disease. After dating him for some time, I’ve adjusted my diet to suit his needs and cut gluten from my diet, as well (especially we will soon be living together and don’t want to worry an ounce about cross-contamination). Also, after not having gluten for quite some time, I am a bit sensitive to it, now. A friend gave me a package of Archer farms (Target brand) andouille sausage and I’d love to use it in Gluten-Free jambalaya. The package says it contains soy lecithin and after getting no answer from the company I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it and/or knows if they use soy with wheat, or not? Thanks a TON! 😀


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