Eating at a Gluten Free Restaurant

These days, it’s very easy to eat foods that are gluten-laden in restaurants. You may not know it but you may have ordered a meal that is rich in such substance. This is why a lot of people who are going gluten-free dread eating out. No one wants to be dubbed as a food bore, so it’s really crucial that we know the contents of our meals.

In case gluten intolerant people consume gluten-containing foods, they get physically ill. If you happen to be one of them, you should be proactive and know precisely which meals and beverages at restaurants that you go to are best for your diet.

It is perfectly fine to inquire the chefs and even the waiters about this, and for the most part, they will be willing to help you. But you can also do some research before heading out to eat. If you know which usual restaurant foods are safe for eating, you may cut down the risk of undergoing major pain caused by this menace called gluten.

If you swear by coffee, ask the barista if the beverage you are ordering is gluten-free. While you are at it, steer clear of muffins, biscotti, pastries and candies, they almost always contain gluten. When you are at family chain restaurants, there are usually special menu choices. Just bring it up to your waiter so as to have a copy of their allergy guidelines. You may go for rice or dry ribs with some fried to be on the safe side. Even fastfood chains have special choices, such as meat products without the bun or salads, among others.

Generally, desserts could be quite tricky. So as to be safe, just stay away from them and fill up on meats and lean fish. If you cannot do without dessert, opt for fresh fruit instead of cakes or pies. These are some tips to stay gluten-free even while eating out. Abide by them and you will surely your restaurant meals.

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