Facts And Symptoms Associated With Celiac Disease

Article by C.Yeates

Both children and adults are prone to Celiac Disease and it can begin at any age. Celiac Disease is triggered by eating certain foods containing protein gluten. Up until now, there is no cure for the disease; however, a modification in your diet will help keep the disease under control.

Certain foods such as pasta, cereal, pizza crust, and bread can trigger a reaction in the small intestine leading to additional damage of its inner lining.

Sometimes known as Celiac Sprue or Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy, Celiac Disease can trigger nutrition deficiency in young adults or children who have contracted the disease. Certain foods which contain a good amount of gluten will affect the digestive system.

Occuring at any age, Celiac Disease can easily go undetected until gluten is introduced into the diet. Celiac Disease is also hereditary and if a family member has the disease then there is between a five and fifteen % chance you will also contract the disease.

Often mistaken for other allergic reactions, Celiac Disease has many symptoms which can include skin rashes, diarrhoea, severe stomach pains, mouth sores and abdominal pains. Nearly all sufferers will also suffer from diarrhoea and foul smelling stools.

The disease can come to the forefront for many different reasons and pregnancy, physical injury, surgery, severe stress or trauma can easily induce the disease.

To keep the disease in check then the first thing to do is to change to a gluten free diet. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fish, poultry and rice and potatoes is a good replacement for wheat products. A alteration in your diet will assist the intestine to gradually repair itself and you should be back to normal within weeks.

Nowadays, dietary choices aren’t as limited as they once were and keeping to the correct diet will keep Celiac Disease under control.

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