Glutamine – A New Alternative For The Gluten-free Community

A lot of talk has been done that revolves around glutamine mainly in the world of healthy training and lifestyle. It is dubbed as a recovery booster, fat mobilizer as well as a muscle sparing substance but recent researches doesn’t seem to support that position. While glutamine is seen to be a performance enhancer and a build enhancer it can also be used for gut health.

We must first understand what glutamine is all about. It is an amino acid that is considered to be essential for gut health. Our gut tissues do absorb up to 75% of ingested glutamine within the body. Also, glutamine is being utilized by the body to do the fighting against illnesses and infections. When the blood levels of glutamine are reduced, there might be a resulting suppression of the immune system that can cause increased inflammation, improvement of immunity, promote repair in damage tissues, and assistance in the production of many other important substances in the gut area of the body.

Scientist and researchers have found out that that the above mentioned facts are indeed true and lots of evidences have been proven that glutamine indeed has benefits for gut health. Glutamine naturally exists in two forms and this is a brilliant fact to note if one has celiac disease or what other people call gluten intolerance. There is what we call L-glutamine that is a free form of amino acid and the other is glutamine peptides. Glutamine peptides are derived from wheat and are able to cause reactions within the gut of sensitive gluten intolerant people.  A certain Dr. Wangen had stated that due to the idea that our small intestines utilize glutamine as its primary source of energy, having an extra L-glutamine can be used to assist the healing process of the digestive tract. He was even seen to have recommended at least 3000 milligrams of it to be consume 3 doses throughout the whole day.For active people, it can serve as an antioxidant that counters free radicals that may be produce during exercise and workouts. By ensuring gut health, absorption is increased as well.

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