Gluten and Acne

Gluten is such a pain in the neck to many people who are allergic to or are intolerant of it. It is known to cause inflammation in the stomach lining to some, but to some, it causes acne to get worse.

Gluten-containing foods are pizza, pasta, breads, pastries, baked goods, and the long list goes on. To an average person, a day wouldn’t pass without eating something that contains gluten.

If you have experienced having acne that worsens as you eat these kinds of food, then you better stay away from them for a while. Try limiting your intake of gluten for about a week or two. Then observe daily if your face is starting to clear up. If it is, from that point, you should be opting for low-gluten diet. But if nothing has changed with your skin, then gluten probably has nothing to do about your acne.

Truth be told, one of the best ways to keep and maintain a healthy skin and prevent acne is to eat healthy. Also, you should be exercising and drinking lots of water.

Since I have mentioned eating healthily, you should be lowering your intake of fatty food. Fat causes increase in sebum production, thus, causing acne. We all need to have fats in our diet, but go for saturated fats found in nuts, olives, and avocado. Unsaturated fats are found in animal products and processed foods, and often called as the bad cholesterol.

If you stay away from gluten, you not only rid yourself of all the troubles it causes your stomach, but your skin as well.

Eating healthy is always good for your body in general. Be religious with your healthy diet and you are sure to see improvements in your skin!

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