Gluten Free Amaranth

Learn about gluten free Amaranth. The history of Amaranth is laid out in this 3 minute and 15 second learning video. People with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance issues will love to learn some baking secrets from Amaranth.

This ancient grain is easy to grow for the gluten intolerant and adds color to any garden. Also, the Amaranth is said to have secrets by the Aztec civilization, how they used to have it for their rituals, to appreciate more how people in the past considered it to be very important not only to their people but their own civilization.

You will also know places wherein you can see this amaranth grows. Take some time to watch and enjoy this video that is all about gluten-free Amaranth.

Learn about the ancient grain of Amaranth in this easy to understand video.

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