Gluten Free Options When Buying Fast Food/Take Away?

Stephkate Asked: Gluten Free Options When Buying Fast Food/ Take Away?

I am gluten intolerant and when I go out with friends I usually buy sushi, a subway salad bowl or hot chips for lunch. Are there any other options available?


Olly Answered:
Yes, there are more and more options for Coeliacs all the time. Are you in the UK? Most places now put allergy information on their menus, so you can order with confidence…….we even have a takeaway fish and chip shop that sells gluten free battered fish….amazing….. 

when you go into the restaurant or cafe or whatever, just ask a waitress or the manager or whoever is serving. It is a question they will get asked more and more as it becomes much more widely understood…..

try having a look here:

and this may or may not be useful:

Anyway, your choices are becoming less and less limited as awareness of this condition increases 🙂

Good luck 🙂

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