Gluten Free School Days

Sending a child suffering from Celiac’s disease or gluten intolerance off to school can be scary on the part of the parents. Here are some tips to help your child avoid gluten at school.

1. Speak your child’s teachers before school begin

Before the term starts, talk to the teacher. As much as you can, provide information about the condition of your kid. Let the teacher know the consequences in the event your child ingests gluten. Inform them about the hidden dangers of substances like play dough. Give leaflets for them to pass on to other teachers who might be looking after your child.

2. Check if the school is able to accommodate their needs at lunchtime

It’s easier to just send your kids to school with their own gluten-free packed lunch. However, if all the other kids at school eat school meals, your child might feel left out or uncomfortable. Majority of schools these days deal with food intolerances or allergies. Also, you get to give your child responsibility for their diet

4. Give the teacher gluten-free treats for special occasions

When school starts, see to it that your child’s teacher has a stash of long lasting gluten-free treats to provide your child on occasions when the other kids are eating cakes, cookies or other foods that contain gluten.

5. Take in gluten-free treats for the whole class on your child’s birthday

If taking in birthday treats for the class is a tradition there, then your child’s shouldn’t be any different. There is a wide array of choices for candies that don’t contain gluten. You may want to bake a birthday cake using gluten-free flour, but your child’s classmates may not like the unusual taste, leading your child to be embarrassed.

6. Don’t get so upset when people forget to accommodate your child

There will come a time when your child’s teachers, or other moms, forget to provide gluten-free foods for your child. Don’t be so affected. Nobody is willfully trying to feed your child something that would make them ill.

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