Has anyone else gained massive amounts of weight due to celiac disease?

Ricci Asked: Has anyone else gained massive amounts of weight due to celiac disease?

I got in a bad car accident, rollover, left the hospital in an hour presumably fine. The next month, I gained twenty pounds. My stretch marks are so deeply engraved I don’t see any chance of them fading completely away. Then I got severely sick and had to go to Denver, the doctors where I live didn’t know how to help me. Well after months of testing blah blah they said I had celiac disease. I’ve been on the gluten free diet for about a year now, faithfully. Boy its sure the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But my problem is I keep gaining weight and I have awful bloating that only started happening after I switched diets. I am a snacker, and it really makes me angry how the gluten free snacks are a whole lot worse then the regular wheat ones. The problem with celiac disease is I am a problem picky either, I like very few fruits and vegetables and the only meat I eat is beef. I have tried snacking on those things but my tongue will just keep searching until its happy. Everything gluten free is different, and none of it as as good, and I keep compensating to make up for what I lost. I’ve gotten the hang of things….but its very depressing. Cooking is just a chore and food is just a disappointment I find during the day. The problem is, I’m not sure if its the celiac food that is causing me to gain weight and go through this horrible bloating. Not kidding, in the morning I am 5 inches smaller around my stomach then when I go to bed and its not uncommon for me to gain 10 pounds in a week and then lose 15, then gain 10 back the next week. I know this is not normal but the doctors are at a loss of what to tell me. I want to believe that switching to healthier foods would help but I just don’t know. Also, has anyone with celiac disease experience severe gut pains when eating? Whenever I eat, my stomach tightens and cramps up hard enough to make me double over and I often miss classes in college because the pain is too much. When the specialists don’t know what to tell you, what do you do?


eyecuetwo Answered:
I am not a believer that the accident caused your bowel to become allergic to the gluten in food. Celiac is diagnosed with a tissue sample from the intestines to see if you have any signs of antigens to gluten based foods. If you are having issues with the bloating and the weight gain then there is a possibility that you have a bowel motility issue. They are not moving the food through fast enough. I would see if there are any methods to reduce the reaction to gluten. BTW if you are taking potato based flour you stand to gain a lot of weight. You are also showing signs of inability to absorb sugars in the intestines.

tdluvs Answered:
I have a daughter that is a Celiac. Through default when I stick to her way of eating I am never bloated so I am surprised but I feel your pain with feeling deprived. I think as you get used to eating and cooking with the right products you’ll realized that you really don’t have to miss out on anything. In fact, if anything you get to eat a whole lot healthier. I just blogged on this topic yesterday and named a few of our life saving products that make cooking a whole lot easier on us. Check it out.

Hope this helps. Sometimes finding the right products make cooking and eating easier and then you won’t feel like you are being deprived.

Best of luck to you!

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