How can I healthily go gluten-free?

Soccer Asked: How can I healthily go gluten-free?

Hi, I am vegan and allergic to peanuts, which is already hard enough. But lately I have found that gluten is bothering me and I believe that cutting it out of my diet would be a healthy change. How can I successfully be a gluten-free vegan and safely avoid peanuts?
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pennybarr Answered:
There are many gluten free products on the market now, but you will have to read the labels to ensure that don’t contain ingredients a vegan would not eat. All products in the USA, that contain peanuts or even made in a factory where other products contain peanuts must state that on the label.
A Free Man Answered:
Simple. Read the allergy information and the ingredients before buying the food item.
Karina Answered:
Just about everything has gluten-free options today. Products that are gluten-free are specifically labeled so.

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