How is gluten-free bread different from regular bread?

Question by Jadey: How is gluten-free bread different from regular bread?
How is it different from regular bread, apart from it being gluten free? lol..
Is it better for you? Does it taste different?

thanks, xo

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Answer by Mr. Smartypants

Gluten is what makes bread bread! It’s the protein in wheat that causes dough to be ‘gooey’ and trap the gas bubbles made by the yeast. In fact the difference between ‘bread flour’ and ‘all purpose flour’ is that bread flour has MORE gluten so it will rise higher.

Some people have a medical condition where they can’t process gluten, so it makes them sick. It gives them stomachaches and diarrhea So someone figured out how to remove the gluten from wheat and find some artificial substitute to make the bread rise. I’ve never had gluten-free bread but I’ve had gluten free cupcakes and pastries and they are not bad at all. But unless you have this problem (called celiac disease), you have no reason to want to avoid gluten.

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