How is gluten free wheat made?

Question by Tecpeds: How is gluten free wheat made?
I know there are many types like quinoa, buckwheat, millet amarnth ect.. which are all naturally gluten free but i have eaten wheat pasta which is gluten free how do they remove the gluten in wheat when it has gluten naturally unless im wrong. Thanks.

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Answer by Zillah
How to Make Bread Gluten

By Susan Reynolds, eHow Contributor

Making wheat gluten bread is easy and fun to do with this simple recipe. Gluten is a type of protein found in almost all breads unless they are exclusively labeled “gluten free.” Extra gluten makes bread fluffier and lighter and helps it rise higher. Flour that contains a lot of protein will make very strong gluten, whereas low-protein flours are good for making pastries. You can make gluten balls at home using some simple ingredients like flour, water, and your own hands.

and “One gluten free unleavened bread recipe.”

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