How to find gluten free food?

Anitra Asked: How to find gluten free food?

where do you find gluten free foods?


Mr Turtle Answered:
I find food at the grocery store.They stores I go to even sell rice flour and gluten free baking mixes and sometimes breads.You will have to shop around in your area.
Why You Need 2 Know Answered:
Look On The Back Of An Product Before You Buy It . It May Take A Little More Time To DO While At An Grocery Store OR Get ON A Website Such As Google Yahoo Etc . And Type IN Gluten Free Foods It Should Give You A List Of Choices To Pick On Just Click One !
Due 101910 with baby 1 Answered:
In the produce, meat and dairy sections mainly. If you are looking for gluten free flour and processed foods, whole foods seems to have that stuff. Also, festival foods has a decent variety too, if you have one of those in your area. When all else fails, just buy those foods online!
Paddy Loves Guinness Answered:
All supermarkets & food stores have a gluten free section. Here in Australia it’s generally in the health food aisle.

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