I have a question about gluten allergies?

Question by Michelle Mendez: I have a question about gluten allergies?
If you suspect that you have a gluten intolerance should you either see a gastroenterologist, get a celiacs blood test or do both just to be on the safe side?

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Answer by Lily
I have been diagnosed with celiacs for about 8 years now. When I got tested, it wasn’t as known, so my blood test came back negative and I had to get a biopsy! Now, the blood tests are much more accurate and easier to get than an appointment with a gastroenterologist. I would definitely go for the blood test. If you choose that, it’s important to keep eating food with gluten in it, as you normally would, or the blood test will come back negative (no way of telling if no gluten in blood).

Don’t worry, eating gluten-free isn’t bad at all and is even recommended by nutrionists! 🙂

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