I have Celiac disease and CAN’T LOSE ANY WEIGHT?

Question by waitingmissy: I have Celiac disease and CAN’T LOSE ANY WEIGHT?
I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and since going on a gluten free diet I can’t seem to lose an ounce of weight!! Does anyone have any suggestions/diet plans that worked for them??

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Answer by tiggsy
A little known fact – which manufacturers of diet foods rely on for their continued existence – is that reducing food intake always results in weight gain in the longer term. This is because it causes a drop in your metabolic rate (the rate at which food is used up), as the body fights what it sees as the threat of starvation.

To raise your metabolic rate (so that you burn food faster), you need to do 45 minutes exercise which raises the heart rate every 72 hours. Once your metabolic rate is back to normal, you will most likely see a resulting loss of weight – or at least fat (though you may gain muscle, which also weighs something),

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