I have trouble eating fruit. Grapes really cause problems. What could cause this?

Question by juicyfruit: I have trouble eating fruit. Grapes really cause problems. What could cause this?
I have been been checked out for stomach problems. I had gastritus and take nexium for acid reflux. I also cannot eat too much all at once or too much bread. Eating small amounts of food seems to help and not eating fruit. I did not test positivie for celiac or gluten problems. I have had h pilori several times.

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Answer by SJ5
I know you’ve probably heard this before but it could be IBS in addition to your body still healing from the other conditions. I have had gastritis, acid reflux and the h pylorai as well. When you have these stomach problems (or ones in addition to all you listed which the doc’s will tell you is IBS if they can’t find anything else wrong with you), you have to be careful about “trigger” foods. The tricky thing is, sometimes the same foods will trigger attacks one day and not on another. It is pretty much a dietary rule for people with gastro problems to be very careful with fruit (especially anything with a skin like grapes because it is harder to digest these fruits, i.e. cherries etc…). Try peeling the grapes or just avoid eating them. Strawberries can be triggers too because of the seeds. Have you tried blending fruit into a smoothie? This helps to break it down some before you try to digest it. I can only tell you what helped me. Taking a health sabatical, getting lots of rest, eating very healthy, staying away from fruit, meat, most carbs and eating a diet that consisted mostly of herbal tea and honey, cooked vegetables and beans. When I have to have a quick, safe, “on the go” snack, I stick to simple saltine crackers or oyster crackers. Also, try coating your stomach with benefiber mixed in a glass of water before eating. (Benefiber is very gentle compared to other types of fiber, no grainyness either, dissolves quickly in water and has a barely noticable taste.) Hope this helps you.

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