Is bloody stool an effect of Celiac disease?

Question by : Is bloody stool an effect of Celiac disease?
My mother, and two brothers have it so I haven’t had gluten in a while. Today I ate french bread and this cake thing, oh my God this is scaring the crap out of me! It’s not my period. Oh what do I do????!!!!

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Answer by Clarissa
Yes, actually I read a study awhile back where they said that most people with celiac disease have blood in their stool even though most of it is occult blood (invisible to the naked eye) so most don’t know it. How much blood is it? If it’s just a small amount, don’t worry about it and just go back to eating gluten free. If it’s like gushing or anything you should see your doctor. If the rest of your family has celiac disease and you seem to be reacting to gluten you should stick with the gluten free. Look on the bright side: you won’t develop all the awful diseases associated with it like diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, nerve damage. You’re luckier than many other people!

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