Is gluten free raw vegan too much for a teenager?

Question by ~Fly-Fly-Away~: Is gluten free raw vegan too much for a teenager?
I’m a 15yr old girl and I’m already vegan. I do eat cooked foods and grains, but I try to stick to fruits and veggies as much as possible. Would going gluten free raw vegan be too difficult or dangerous? Thanks!

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Try sprouted foods. I sprout grains, lentils, clover, cabbage, adzuki beans, peanuts, and almonds (which you need to buy imported because usa pasteurizes all almonds even ‘raw’). With sprouted foods, it will not be too difficult. Buy organic NON-pasteurized (completely raw) seeds/legumes. Find recipe blogs. Fermented foods are really nutritious also. Get a good dehydrator and make dehydrated breads, sandwiches, cookies, etc.

Main thing: get blood work done after a few months or so to see what you’re not getting enough of. Keep track of what you’re eating and the nutrient content of everything. I have had troubles with iron, calcium, D, and B vitamins.

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