Is iron deficiency consistent with Celiac Disease?

Question by Kate: Is iron deficiency consistent with Celiac Disease?
Is it possible to be tested with normal iron count, but still have Celiac?
Thanks for the answers, to clarify, I DID have normal iron in the test.

So is it still possible to have Celiac disease? Is iron consistently low with CD?

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Answer by Binka
Most people who have Celiac Disease do tend to be anemic. If you just have low iron levels though you probably don’t have Celiac Disease. If you want to test yourself for the disease just start eating a gluten free diet. You should see improvements in the way you feel, your bowel movements and other things within 2 weeks to a month. You don’t necessarily need to go through the tests to figure out if you have it or not. Also diet is pretty much the only way to treat Celiac.

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