Is It Unhealthy To Eat Gluten During Pregnancy?

Question by nobody: Is It Unhealthy To Eat Gluten During Pregnancy?
I was wondering if its unhealthy for me to eat gluten during pregnancy? I have a gluten intolerance. 3 generations of women on my moms side have Celiacs. Although tests come back inconclusive for me, I know I have it. So I know its unhealthy by myself to eat it. But being pregnant is it unhealthy for my baby to eat it or to not eat it? And if its unhealthy what are the consequences for me or the baby if I eat gluten???

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Answer by Strength Coach Guy
If you are gluten intolerant than you likely have reduced nutrient absorption when you consume it. Therefore, during pregnancy, when nutrient requirements are enhanced, I would suggest you do everything within your power to provide the highest possible nutrient levels and that would include avoiding gluten and taking gluten free nutritional products.

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