Is there gluten-free food to eat in Germany?

EL girl Asked: Is there gluten-free food to eat in Germany?

I’m allergic to milk and I’m gluten-intolerant, its no problem in general except when I travel, i worry a little bit about how i am going to eat
Is there food in Germany which I could eat?
I’m not a picky eater, as long as i have the basics I’m fine


Emms Answered:
in restaurants i have not really seen them.there are some starbucks but i don’t know if there you’ll find gluten free,i know the local coffee shops(a “SORT” of take away coffee(specify always the coffee is to go!) shops with lots of sweet breads and breads)do not have gluten free.
some cakes you can find but in the supermarket …

you could have salads just make sure you specify NO JOGURT DRESSING( a favorite here in germany),they don’t have a lot of salad dressing choices so maybe bring your own bottle or mix of herbs that you use for salads.

Petra Answered:
Sure there is! You’ll find it at a “Reformhaus” (sort of health food store), there may be some at a “Bioladen” (other kind of health food store), and you can also buy good gluten free food at dm and Rossmann. These are drugstores, but they also have a very small food corner. You’ll find things like gluten free cookies, noodles, cereal there, and also soy milk if you want some.

Ok, going to a restaurant is going to be a bit more problematic. I guess your best bet would be to tell people exactly where it is you are going and ask for recommendations. I would expect a vegetarian/ vegan/ kosher restaurant to be sensitive enough to other special needs that they can at least tell you what’s in their products. Or buy your bread from dm and just have some salad at the restaurant 🙂

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