Late-night Cravings

Even when you have eaten well throughout the day, there are still nights when you just can’t help but to crave for a snack.  That, my friend, basically means you have eaten less protein than you should have.

Before heading to the fridge for some treat, try downing a glass of cold water or two first. Studies have shown that cold drinks trick our bodies into thinking we are full.

Contrary to popular belief, late-night eating isn’t so bad, provided you choose the right food to munch on. And as much as you possibly can, go for protein instead of carbohydrate.

When we crave certain food, they’re usually high in salt or sugar content, and yes, fat. Scientists found out that the main reason people crave for fattening food namely chips, French fries, and ice cream, is because they’re easy to sneak in.

People who have active lifestyles are the ones who need protein most in order for them to perform well. Devouring heavy snacks before hitting the sack won’t exactly do your metabolism any good. It may even put it out of sync, since your metabolism is used to resting when you are sleeping at night. If you just can’t not eat anything fatty or sugary, at least do so before the clock hits 6 pm, so your metabolism is still at its best.

When you’re on a gluten-free diet, you can still munch on some guilt-free treat such as nuts, particularly walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts that contain healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are also known to have high fiber content and can lower bad cholesterol levels. Plus, it can satisfy your craving for anything salty.

You can also have some eggs, but make sure you don’t have too much of its yolks as it is high in fat. Gluten-free protein shakes are also good, not merely for athletes. A salad will always satisfy anyone, just reach for gluten-free dressings and those without much fat. And of course, dry and crunchy vegetables like carrots and broccoli which are very low in calorie.

Heeding these tips won’t just let you maintain the weight you want, but it also keeps your breakfast consumption from suffering. When you binge before going to sleep, you often wake up still feeling full. And you tend to skip breakfast which makes you overeat at the end of the day, when your metabolism is no longer at its peak.

Always try to eat healthy and consume your daily requirements of protein, so you can prevent yourself from having these late-night cravings.

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