Living With Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance is usually known as Celiac disease or Coeliac disease. Approximately in the US alone, 1 in 133 people suffer from this condition and that number is continually growing especially since most of the people who have it aren’t diagnosed yet or still misdiagnosed.

Celiac disease is brought about by the reaction of the bodies to a gluten protein usually found in wheat and other wheat-related products. This disease can affect people from all walks of life. It can affect people of any gender, age or race and can be fatal at some point if gluten is not avoided. Studies found out though that gluten intolerance tends to be more prevalent with people of Northern European descent.

Some of the symptoms you need to watch out for are diarrhea, bloating, gas, and bone pain, among many others. And since it is getting more prevalent nowadays, we should always know what foods contain it so we could avoid suffering from the dreaded symptoms of the disease.

If you happen to have this disease and you consume foods that contain gluten, symptoms will then appear and this will cause you pain and discomfort. So it’s really important that everything you eat is gluten-free, and you’ll have to do this for the rest of your life.

Gluten-containing foods are those that are made up of wheat, rye, or barley, but there are also many others that contain it such as processed foods, pasta, pastries, and many more. And since gluten can be found in so many foods, you should be extra cautious with what you eat.

Living with gluten intolerance may be a little too difficult especially during the initial stages and it takes some getting used to, but it will eventually pay off. And to be able to get through these tough times, you should be able to have support from people around you.

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