Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

If you usually have an upset stomach after eating certain foods that contain gluten and had yourself tested but it turned out negative, you probably are suffering from non-celiac gluten sensitivity. You may want to try digging deeper and have additional test to further explore a celiac sprue disease diagnosis, but it can still come out negative.

If you happen to be sensitive to gluten but you are not a Celiac, you still have to take the same exact precautions like any individual that are positive for the said disease. You have to stay away from gluten to help heal your gastrointestinal tract and keep away from any food that contains gluten for the rest of your life.

Gluten is usually found in wheat and related grain species such as rye and barley. And with the way oats are being processed in factories, cross-contamination is likely to happen, so oats are included among the list of foods you have to steer clear of.

However, you have to know that a lot of foods contain gluten and it may not seem apparent. For instance, a food you are eating is known to be gluten-free but it comes with a sauce that is likely to have ingredients that contain gluten. So always be cautious and ask.

After having eliminated gluten from your diet, you will ultimately feel better. Also, you can add up to the healing process by putting in healthy habits into your lifestyle. Exercise, rest and sleep well, eat right and have more natural and organic foods, stuff like that so you can give your body some tender loving care.

Also, since diet is a crucial thing in this health condition, inquire your doctor so you can also take some supplements to aid in you digestion. It can have a significant to your intestines in doing their work. By doing these essential stuff, you are on the road to recovery and living a life way better than ever.

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