Pain relief? Gluten free for 1 year, not helping with Celiac Disease?

Question by Julie B: Pain relief? Gluten free for 1 year, not helping with Celiac Disease?
I am having stomach pain, upper abdomal pain and stomach stabbing pain, almost 85% of the time. I have Celiac Disease and have benn gluten-free for 1 year and lactose free for 2 months. Help! Any ideas other than cross-contaimination?

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Answer by sailor
If it is celiac disease related, then check the foods you are eating for hidden gluten. Is there soy sauce listed in the ingredients- some labels list soy sauce but don’t break out that there is wheat or gluten in it. Try eating things with only a few ingredients in them so that you are only dealing with as few variables as possible. Keep a food and drink log for a month with a section for symptoms and see if you have worse problems after consuming particular things.
It is possible that you are having a problem with some other food or that you have another condition on top of the celiac.
Sorry I can’t be of more help and I suppose your doctors haven’t got any suggestions either.
Good luck and I wish I could be of more assistance.

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I just read a little more in a book called Celiac Disease – A Hidden Epidemic by Dr Green and discovered something I hadn’t seen before. He says that in some patients, the inflammation in the intestines may be so great that steroids may be required to reduce the inflammation and give the new gluten free diet a chance to work. So you may want to discuss the possibility of taking prednisone or medrol for a month or two with your doctor and see if that helps.

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