Party food ideas for celiac disease?

Question by answergrl239: Party food ideas for celiac disease?
I need some quick recipes or things you can buy (preferably buy) that is ok for people with celiac disease to eat. Thanks!

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Answer by Anama

What age group are we talking here? and how much prep?
There is always chips and salsa. Go here for chips:
Then the old stand by of fresh fruit and veggie platter. For the fruit dip use stoneyfield yogurt (cert. gf) or honey. For the veggies go here and scroll down to the gluten free/celiac info:

gf olives from jars, NOT the olive bar, arranged on a platter are always good. Avoid the bluecheese stuffed ones (it can be grown on a wheat medium). If you have a Wegman’s or Whole foods nearby they usually mark stuff as being gf.

For food you can always do wings (make your own though) baked in Kraft italian dressing, hot sauce (check labels) and other salad dressings.
There are just a ton of things to make, too many to write out. There isn’t a lot of prepared party type stuff, so be ready to cook. Please be sure not to get the gluteny stuff too close to the non-gluten stuff to avoid cross contamination. I tend to keep things on seperate tables to avoid that situation, or go totally gluten free.
For other ideas go here:

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