Q&A: Celiac disease newby wanting advice?

Question by : Celiac disease newby wanting advice?
Any advice or helpful hints and tips greatly appreciated. Also allergic to all other grains so not worried about eating bread since I don’t already but what about separate pots, pans and utensils? I use wooden cooking utensils and stainless steel pots and pans as well as cast iron. So… Do I need separate ones to use for myself since my husband doesn’t have celiac problems? Or is that a myth?

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Celiac Disease isn’t much fun, but it gets a lot easier. Firstly, all first degree relatives should be tested for Celiac Disease. It’s very much a genetic disorder.

Eating gluten free can get pretty expensive. The cheapest way to do it is to eat things that are naturally gluten free like fish, eggs, meat, fruit, veges, nuts etc. When things are labeled gluten free, the price goes way up.

Cross contamination is a big thing for a lot of people. Some people are really sensitive to gluten and even a crumb will make them sick, other people can deal with a few crumbs and be ok. BUT the severity of your symptoms and sensitivity doesn’t correlate with the amount of damage being done. So I could react to just a crumb, and you could be ok using the same chopping board, but regardless the same amount of damage is being done.

But I believe you can only do your very best. If it isn’t practical or possible for you to get new pots, pans, utensils etc then it’s not possible and you just have to do your best. But if you can, I would. I try and take every precaution I can, but I don’t have separate pots and pans, I just make sure they’re washed well in hot water. Things that can’t be washed well, like a toasted sandwich maker, I’ll line with baking paper.

I also try and take the top shelf in the pantry. My brother doesn’t eat gluten free and if he pulls down something from a top shelf that contains gluten and it lands in or on my food, then there’s a risk for cross contamination.

Just make sure you read the labels for everything. They stick gluten in things you wouldn’t usually think of like mayonnaise, soy sauce and ice tea. Just do you best, there are going to be slip ups, but just try and keep yourself as gluten free as possible.


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