Q&A: Celiac disease symptoms even with non gluten alcohol?

Question by ry dogs: Celiac disease symptoms even with non gluten alcohol?
The same symptoms I get from eating wheat or gluten appear when I drink, even if it is distilled spirits/non-wheat based. I know it makes sense to think that they are independent allergies, but other celiacs report the exact same thing. Where’s the link?
-Makes sense, but I got diagnosed early in life and don’t think i damaged my intestines too bad
redbridge is good but still makes me feel as if I had a real beer. Maybe I just have a separate sensitivity to alcohol

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Answer by Real
Many things may cause the same symptoms even though they are not from the same causes. You may have allergies or sensitivities to other ingredients, or the product may be contaminated by being processed in facilities that process wheat or other gluten-containing products.

Also, the damage to your intestines caused by celiac may make digesting other products more difficult. I suggest you ask this question on a celiac website–or two.

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