Q&A: how can you determine if you have celiac disease?

Question by JF: how can you determine if you have celiac disease?
I am not sure if i have celiac disease, or IBS or fructose malabsorption. i am probably just overacting and getting worried over nothing, but i have some of the symptoms of these 3. Sometimes i eat foods with gluten or fructose and i feel fine. Other times i dont feel good at all. what should i do about this?

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Answer by Sandra Romain
Being a coeliac myself, I know that if you are in adolescence, the symptoms don’t show themselves very often, unless you go overboard with the allergy and start eating tons of the stuff.

The main symptoms I check for are blood in feces, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pains lasting days and nights. This is after one sitting of gluten for a severely allergic coeliac. The main sign is in the feces really, because the gluten allergic reaction occurs in the intestines, and that is where the damage is done.

I would say your best option will not be posted on Yahoo! Answers, I think you should see a doctor and ask their opinion. They can prove it, so you’ll know then.

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