Q&A: Trying to make a gluten free loaf?

Question by InDiAnNaJoNeS: Trying to make a gluten free loaf?
I’ve tried making a loaf with gluten free flour, and I followed the receipe on the bag of flour, as it said to not use a traditional receipe. The loaf came out TERRIBLE. It didn’t rise very well (despite me using the right amount of reactivated yeast) and was extremely dense and spongy. The receipe said to use two eggs in place of water, so with the next loaf, I substituted one egg with the equivalent amount of water, to see if that would help, and the loaf wasn’t spongy when it came out, but it was literally the texture of corrugated cardboard! However it had risen a fair bit.

Any tips on this one?

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Answer by chris w
Have you tried any of these recipes at the site below.


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