Q&A: What vitamins should I take if I have celiac disease and lactose intolerance?

Question by Aphotic45: What vitamins should I take if I have celiac disease and lactose intolerance?
I take calcium tablets every now and then.

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Answer by Nurse Diesel
Since both celiac and lactose intolerance will make it difficult for you to digest and extract nutrients from food, it would probably benefit you to supplement all vitamins. You’ll need to pay for them, and probably go to a health food store to find some that don’t have gluten or dairy in them, and they’ll be fairly spendy.
In addition, eating nutrient-dense foods can also help. Cod Liver Oil combined with High Vitamin Butter Oil (link below) is an easy way to supplement all the fatty vitamins, which are essential for hormone production (which run your body). Also adding organic coconut oil to your diet will help. Since Celiac and lactose intolerance can both disrupt your gut flora, you should probably supplement that as well. You can use probiotic capsules for this (found in fridge section at a health food store, and also expensive), or you can make fermented foods at home and supplement yourself less expensively – beverages like Kombucha and Beet Kvass are very nutritive and easy to make at home. You can use the whey from yoghurt to make your own pickled vegetables, and it shouldn’t bother your stomach even though whey is taken from a dairy product.

Organ meats, like liver and sweetbreads are also very nutrient dense – though I must confess I have yet to be brave enough to try them. But I do like pate, so that’s one way you might try.

I recommend a cookbook/nutritional encyclopedia called “Nourishing Traditions” that is available at health food stores or on Amazon for about $ 25 or so.

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